100% Sustainable

SPANS BUILDING TECH was created with the idea of industrialising construction beyond the processes, with sustainability being one of the main factors driving the company’s activity.

Fachadas Industrializadas 100% sostenibles
Fachadas Industrilizadas 100% sostenibles

Industrialised construction

Industrialised construction is a new construction method that combines all industrial benefits, takes advantage of advances in technology to produce all the structural components in a factory in an automated way and then move them for installation/assembly to the area where the building is located. Closely related to this is the demand for energy efficient buildings that guarantee quality, sustainable and healthy living spaces, and it is precisely for these reasons that SPANS BUILDING TECH has developed its business.
Fachadas Industrializadas 100% sostenibles
Fachadas Industrilizadas 100% sostenibles
2022 is the year of Industrialised Construction, and SPANS BUILDING TECH is the living example that the future is already here and that it is possible to change the traditional concept of facade construction. It is now possible to prefabricate not only houses, but entire building facades, which is why SPANS BUILDING TECH, strongly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, guarantees in its projects:
The facades manufactured by SPANS BUILDING TECH are ECODESIGNED, which means that all the processes, from the original design, through their production, to their final installation on the building site, are designed with the environmental factor in mind, greatly reducing actions that are harmful to the environmen.
Reduce consumption

Reduce energy and water consumption.

Reduction of workplace accidents

Workplace accidents are reduced because the work conditions are less severe and the environment is more controlled. In addition, dangerous work on site is avoided.

Maintenance of industrialised buildings

Simplify the maintenance of industrialised buildings, where any possible damage can be repaired by dismantling the damaged element and working on it separately, which avoids the generation of construction waste.

Waste reduction

Production waste is considerably reduced as most of the processes are carried out in a workshop or factory,

Execution time

Shorter execution time, both in manufacturing and in building processes, as the assembly on -site / installation is a simpler and quicker task thanks to an “individually standardised” design and automated process.

Independence on the weather

Dependence on the weather is reduced – a decisive factor that delays deadlines in traditional construction and therefore increases the final project cost.

Industrialised modular panel by

SPANS BUILDING TECH designs each project with solutions for building professionals and the environment in mind. Industrialised modular panels combine durability with an exclusive and sustainable design.