Our processes

SPANS BUILDING TECH in its constant effort to offer innovative technological solutions, transforms the way of constructing and designing building envelopes from an individual approach to an industrialised system approach with individual focus.

Engineering and modelling

SPANS BUILDING TECH is a technological company that allows deep integration between design, supply chain, manufacturing and on-site installation, giving rise to the SPANS BUILDING TECH construction model.

SPANS BUILDING TECH combines CAD-CAM, CAE and BIM systems, which helps foresee every detail and plan every move even before the first profile is fabricated, making it possible to design and manufacture with precision, simulate a virtual construction process and also monitor the execution of projects.


Manufacturing and assembly

SPANS BUILDING TECH integrated manufacturing process uses a modern and innovative approach. Its own technology allows it to unify the supply chain and simplify the entire production cycle of SPANS BUILDING TECH panels.

Our manufacturing and assembly methods are carefully studied in order to provide a safe and reliable technical solution.

High precision throughout the manufacturing of the components (down to 0.01 mm) guarantees correct and accurate assembly of the panels in the workshop where a precise fit between different materials and components is the main requirement for the quality of the product.

Each profile fold has a specific function, resolving every centimetre of the façade. The façade panel assembly process includes:

  • Thermo-frame assemble with thermal insulation integration.
  • Exterior facing in accordance with the architectural project.
  • Decorative window frames or other unique façade elements installation.
  • Window installation with improved and watertight joints.
  • Incorporation of the complete interior drywall layer in accordance with the project.
  • Electricity, plumbing, radiator reinforcements pre-installation process.
  • Sustainable packaging

On-site installation

After having designed, manufactured and assembled the project, SPANS BUILDING TECH also takes care of transport to the site and installation of the modular façade. Highly qualified team is capable of installing up to 250m2 of complete enclosure per day. This, undoubtedly, affects both the deadlines and the costs, being able to reduce the overall construction time by up to 2.5-3 months and reduce up to 30% of the total costs. Finally, SPANS BUILDING TECH carries out an exhaustive quality control in order to ensure that everything is correctly installed, there is no damage and no waste has been generated on site.